An Eve of Nations, A Night to Remember

One of the most memorable international events that I attended this year was the Eve of Nations. Here at OU, we have a huge community of international and exchange students. People from all over the world come here to study, but they still remember and love their own countries and cultures. Eve of Nations is a way for them to celebrate their homes and share them with other students.

After a delicious dinner, the night began with a really cool fashion show. Students wore the traditional clothes of their nations, and it was really interesting to see how differently some people dress in their everyday lives or even just for special occasions. The show also featured some Native American students. A guy from one tribe, I think it was the Crow tribe, had on one of the most elaborate outfits I have ever seen. It was covered in bells, feathers, and every color imaginable. Other students came out in more plain, but austere, attire that bespoke a proud culture.

After the fashion show, different multicultural organizations put on acts to demonstrate their talents and show the arts of their nations. My favorite by far was from the Japanese Student Association. Their dance, a dramatization of fishing, was supposed to demonstrate how hard work manifests in every part of the body, from the head to the toes. Let me tell you, I got tired just from watching them. They all moved so fluidly, perfectly in sync and precise; I was transfixed. It was one of the coolest displays of dancing that I have ever seen.

The best part of the night, however, was getting to see so many of my friends have a great time on stage. This semester, I have gotten really close with a lot of international students, and I have learned a lot about their countries. They all looked so happy to get to share more about their homes with us. Eve of Nations was an absolutely wonderful event, and I am really glad that I got to share it with my friends. I learned a lot, and, like I said, I’m sure I won’t forget it.

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