A Better Semester

My second semester of OU Cousins, one of my international groups here at OU, was tremendously better than my first semester. First of all, I had a much better relationship with my cousin. Alex is from Valencia, in Spain, so it was really cool to get to practice my Spanish with him and learn about some of the regional differences in Spain. He always spoke about his city and what makes its special. We would hang out all of the time. Outside of all the events, we would see each other about once a week on the weekend. He lived near Traditions, so he, I, and many of our friends would go and hang out with a lot of the other International Students.

I think that this semester of OU Cousins represented everything that OU Cousins was meant to be. I and Alex spent so much time together and we learned so much about each other’s homes. We found so many differences between our cultures, but we also found so many similarities. Even though he was raised in a non-religious household and my father is a pastor, we both realized that we love Freddy’s. The little things that make life what it is brought us together and make any differences irrelevant. We honestly became very good friends, and I am sure that our friendship will continue past his time at OU. Even if we are separated by half the world, the relationship that OU Cousins helped us build will endure. That is why OU Cousins was such a great experience this semester.

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